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Posts published in “Arts”

Resurrecting the Forgotten Art of the AIDS Era

In amassing work made by the mostly overlooked gay artists who lived and died during the crisis, a global group of collectors is redefining what the Western canon looks like.

‘Look Both Ways’ Review: To Be and Not to Be

This Netflix drama stages a delusion of young womanhood by tracking its heroine down forking paths: one in which she gets pregnant, and one in which she pursues a career.

Review: ‘Calling for a Blanket Dance,’ by Oscar Hokeah; ‘Stories From the Tenants Downstairs,’ by Sidik Fofana; and ‘Sirens & Muses,’ by Antonia Angress

Three new books — “Calling for a Blanket Dance,” “Stories From the Tenants Downstairs” and “Sirens & Muses” — explore intimate worlds and communities, as seen through a multitude of perspectives.